A life with wine

Something that always strikes us as unique is how wine is so much more than just a drink. It is constantly changing, ever evolving and often it finds itself in the centre of conversation, where we strive to understand it and solve the mystery of why it tastes like it does. 

Of course, there are other great beverages in the world, but we’re pretty sure that no one ever has started a conversation about how the flavour of a bottle of gin doesn’t change over the 2 years of it sitting on the kitchen counter.

Wine is a complex, culture-laden, multisensory stimulus and our perception of its properties is influenced by everything from the packaging, through to the glassware in which it is served and evaluated.

Experts in wine

The Stunned Mullet owner Lou Perri and Sommelier Tom Riedl have spent decades learning about wine – its regions, varietals and their personalities, in order to discover the drop-dead gorgeous drops you didn’t even know you needed in your life. 

Together we offer you a classic Wine Shop, a Fine Wine Subscription and a unique customised Sommelier Service to enable you to design your own home cellar collection.

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