Looking back, the journey began long ago on the other side of the earth. As an expat living in London, something about the treasure trove of international vinous offerings available seemingly at every corner ‘off-license’, expanded my somewhat shielded ‘Californian’ experience of wine.

An intense fascination was sparked, and consequently a need to learn about and taste wines from all over the planet –all the while marvelling in the diversity, complexity as well as the sheer power of a living liquid in a bottle being able to evoke such a sense of place and time.

Not to mention the sheer olfactory and palate delight and wonder to be had when enjoying wine, whether it be on its own or matched with some morsel of match made in heaven!

This list is constantly evolving, as is our journey of discovery in wine. Nothing, besides drinking the stuff, brings us more joy than talking about it – so please feel free to chat about wine in any way, shape or form…..

All our wines our carefully curated and respectfully handled for your enjoyment by our team and within our fastidious cellar environments. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you would like something “off-list” as the cellar certainly may have some hidden treasures……

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at anytime if you require a specific or tailored wine experience for your lunch or dinner with us.

Yours in Wine Lou Perri

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