Our food menu is an opportunity to explore our fine culinary creations in a relaxed, yet polished atmosphere. We offer an exemplary wine list of local and international composition, as well as great cocktails, boutique beers and speciality spirits.

The StartersThe MainsThe Sweet StuffA Special Drop or few

albacore tuna sashimi

fennel, apple & gin puree, shallot, pomegranate and white miso


glazed pork belly

japanese mustard , pecan granola, butternut pumpkin and kohlrabi


rannoch farm quail

tamarind chutney, sweet peas, kombu butter


crisp king prawns

wrapped in wonton, shiso and shitake served with ayuzu miso and fragrant oat flakes


freshly shucked oysters

mix and match accordingly:

27 / 54

1. natural

2. white miso, shitake pearls

3. pomegranate, finger lime

4. nahm jim

seared scallops

sweetcorn lemongrass puree, morcilla, jalapeno salsa, shallot, sweet potato crisp


montasio twice cooked souffle

leeks, artichoke chips, tomato dust



– the incidentals –

light sourdough with roast chilli and pecorino little gen EVOO 8

marinated olives moroccan dried black / green Sicilian olives 10


Public Holiday surcharge 15% Sunday surcharge 10%

We endeavour to meet all food allergies or special dietary requirements however please be aware that we are unable to guarantee that any dish will be satisfactory unless we receive 24 hours notice


MSC certified, sustainable or wild-caught fish :

glacier 51 toothfish

shitake suimono, zucchini, black rice wafer, dill, daikon, enoki crisp, gai lum


the fish

cracked wheat tabouleh, za’atar, garlic, preserved lemon marmalade, artichoke, almond pesto


– – – –

desiree potato gnocchi

pumpkin, pine nut dukkha, basil, baby courgette, reggianno parmesan custard


mandagery creek venison

fennel & lavender dust, potato puree, beetroot jam, ricotta, curry leaf, parsnip



burrawong gaian chicken

eggplant, carrot puree, asparagus, bacon dashi, baby corn


australian tajima wagyu

dutch carrot, taro, soubise, watercress and baba ganoush

flank steak 6+             220g      45                                 eye fillet 4-5+           200g      69

australian grass fed cape grim sirloin

wasabi & shitake butter, green beans crispy leek

250g      40

– the incidentals –

    steamed vegetables, wasabi butter                 10        charred sweet corn kernels, dukkha and ricotta          10

    fries, rosemary salt, preserved lemon aioli        9         dressed cucumbers, sesame and shallot                       8

– –

Public Holiday surcharge 15% Sunday surcharge 10%
We endeavour to meet all food allergies or special dietary requirements however please be aware that we are unable to guarantee that any dish will be satisfactory unless we receive 24 hours notice

All @ 19 dollars

date morsels, burnt orange, wattleseed, coffee, macadamia, pumpkin gelato

tonka bean yoghurt semifreddo, coconut, blueberry, lemon curd

our salty crème caramel, yuzu, spiced rum jelly, brown butter crumb, black sesame gelato,  caramel cream

bourbon chocolate mousse, strawberry meringue, plum, cherry, puffed rice, shiso


Our Cheese Plate – 25 dollars

18 Month Comte(France) – nutty, steely, salty and fruity

Gorgonzola Dolce (Italy) – creamy,greenish rich and spicy

Iberico (Spain) buttery, nutty, strong, rich and aromatic


Emilio Lustau Pedro Ximenez Sherry

(60mls)          11

Rockford Marion Tawny

(60mls)          10

Rockford 2009 VP Shiraz

(60mls)          14

Grappa and Eau De Vie

Joseph Cartan Poire Williams

(30mls)          9

Nonino Grappa di Moscato

(30mls)          12

Dessert Wines


2008 Rockford Cane Cut Semillon

(75ml) 14   (375mls)        64

2015 Frogmore Creek Iced Riesling

(375mls)          52

2005 Chateau Guiraud Sauternes

(375mls)        109

2010 Raymond Lafon Sauternes

(375mls)        89

1998 Chateau d Yquem

(375mls)        475

The After Dinner Cocktail

Espresso Martini Cocktail                 19


Public Holiday surcharge 15% Sunday surcharge 10%

Lagavulin 16yr Old (Scotland)- massive peat and oak! very thick and rich. a massive mouthful of malt and sherry with good fruity sweetness


Bruichladdich Laddie classic (Scotland)- barley sugar and a hint of mint before leading into the most wonderful notes of freshly cut wild flowers; buttercup, daisy, meadowsweet, myrtle, primrose and cherry blossom


Helleyers Road Distillery Malt finished in Pinot Noir Cask (Australia)- fresh fruit on cereal, a touch of vanilla, coconut oil with a hint of spice evident in the background. creamy in texture, malty flavours promised by the nose in a most distinguished fashion.  a tantalizing twist


Teelings Single Grain (Ireland)-  dark copper “berry” red, spicy with fruit notes
. strong spice at the start evolving into rich red 
berry fruit and dry tannin complexity with dry finish dominated by wood and spice


New Zealand South Island 15 yr Old (New Zealand)- rich, toasted oak- quite tropical too, with a hint of coconut and guava. floral. spicy, toasted palate. creamy vanilla and barnyard. dried grass, allspice. malt. thick, malty finish.


Hibiki Harmony (Japan) Hint of raspberry, honey and sweet maltiness. Strong but subtle, extremely fragrant and sweet, balanced by spicy ginger and oak notes. Lively and velvet smooth with defined vanilla and honey notes. cereal sweetness is held in check by more robust oak and rich exotic fruitiness, particularly raspberry and plum


Nikka Taketsuru 12yr (Japan)- nose of nut oils and zest, a pleasant floral character with a little tropical fruit and a rooty note. The palate is smooth and soft with good sweetness and winter spice. A lovely citrus note develops with more tropical fruit notes and a little rum. The finish is medium with fruit and zest.


Sazerac 6yr old (USA)-  the whiskey from New Orleans that started it all back in the 1800’s. aromas of clove, vanilla, anise and pepper. subtle notes of candies spices and citrus. The big finish is smooth with hints of licorice.